Yanjing fresh Beer,Originator of Chinese draft beer

Yanjing Draft Beer
Yanjing Draft Beer is brewed with many quality materials such as pollution-free mineral water in Yanshan Mountain,malt from sunny Australia and the unique yeast of Yanjing Beer,employing world-class equipment and brewing technology over the last 30 years.Yanjing Beer is distinguished by its pure color,good taste and high quality.It is one of our most refreshing and enjoyable beers.


300 ml Yanjing high-grade Draft Beer
Yanjing high-grade Draft Beer introduced the most advanced producing technology,aiming at Young generation with fashionable designed bottle to give consumer a different experience.High-grade draft beer is best fit for your night life.

300ml 极品纯生啤酒

Style and Party Beer
Style and Party Beer are distinctive beers developed by Yanjing Beer.They are produced with pollution-free mineral water and quality mait from Australia and the Czech Republic beer brewing as well as state-of-the-art fermentation technology.