• First,l represent Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Company to greet the friends in London and from all over the world and give our greeting to the friends who has been supporting the development of Yanjing Beer and love it all the time.
  • 首先我代表北京燕京啤酒集团公司向伦敦及全世界的朋友问好,向多年来支持燕京啤酒发展、喜爱燕京啤酒产品的全世界朋友致以诚挚的祝福和问候。
  • Yanjing Beer Group is the leader in China's beer industry. In 2011, the production and sales reach 5.51 million kilols, ranking the eighth in the world's production and sales of beer. Since it became the sponsor of the 29th Beijing Olympics, it has been inheriting the cultural heritage of Beijing Olympics, supporting China's cultural sports and social public benefit activities and making the Olympic spirit and culture deeply rooting in the enterprise.
  • 燕京啤酒集团作为中国啤酒的龙头企业,2011年产销啤酒551万千升,位居世界啤酒产销前八名。自成为第29届北京奥运会啤酒赞助商以来,燕京啤酒也在积极传承北京奥运文化遗产,支持中国文化体育及社会公益活动,使奥林匹克精神和文化更深地植根于企业当中。
  • Yanjing Beer is the representative of China's cool and fresh beer. After 30 years' development and innovation for cool and fresh beer, it leads the development trend of China's beer and ives the beer enthusiasts the Yanjing Beer with higher quality and make contribution to the development of the world's beer industry. Thanks!
  • 燕京啤酒是中国清爽型啤酒的代表,30多年一直不断致力清爽型啤酒的研发与创新,不断引导中国啤酒发展的潮流,为广大啤酒爱好者奉献更多更优质的燕京啤酒产品,为世界啤酒工业的发展做出贡献。谢谢大家!