Yanjing Beer,
sponsor of Beijing 2008 Olympics


  • Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Research Center was certified by Beijing Enterprise Technological Center in 2001. It was issued CNAS by National laboratory in 2007.Yanjing Group was listed as high technology enterprise in 2009.

  • Yanjing Beer founded the Yanjing Development and Research Center by the expert team of Yanjing Beer and the top scientists of China beer industry. Equipment from US, Sweden, Austria and Japan represent the most advanced technology including gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph and ion chromatograph, Beer auto analysis machine, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and the other 20 large equipment and machine. Combining with our professional and talented team working in research center,it can give a in-depth analysis for hundreds flavors of beers with few minutes including flavor material,aminophenol volume,organic acid,metal ion,alcohol percentage,and ect.Such equipments mentioned above can ensure not only the quality of every bottle of beer,but also play a great role in research on Yanjing Beer Group.
  • 燕京啤酒以燕京啤酒专家团队和中国啤酒行业的顶尖科学家组建了燕京科研中心。来自美国、瑞典、奥地利、日本等发达国家世界一流的气相色谱仪、液相色谱仪、离子色谱仪、啤酒全自动分析仪、原子吸收光谱仪等20多种大型仪器设备,在短短几分钟之内,就可对燕京啤酒近百种风味组分进行全面分析。燕京啤酒质量监测和控制水平在世界都处于领先地位,确保了每一瓶燕京啤酒的质量。