About Yanjing

  • Yanjing Beer belongs to both China and the world. It used thirty years to complete the 100 years'history. In 2011,the production and sales of beer reached 5.51 million kilol, ranking the eighth in the world's production and sales of beer. Yanjing Beer has become the biggest beer enterprise of China. The headquarters of Yanjing Group is the biggest production base for beer with the products spreading in more than 40 countries and reions.
  • 燕京啤酒,是中国的更是世界的,以30年跨越世界啤酒业100年历程的发展速度,2011年产销啤酒551万千升,位列世界啤酒产销量前8名。燕京啤酒已经成为中国最大的啤酒企业集团之一,燕京集团总部是亚洲最大的啤酒生产基地,产品远销欧美40余个国家和地区。
  • With Yanjinq's successful development throuqhout many years, behave with emotion, act with loyalty, and conduct business with integrity are our three strong operational concepts. Yanjing Beer Group provides consumers with high-quality beers and beverages using our unique plus worldleading production processes.
  • 燕京啤酒集团秉承“以情做人、以诚做事、以信经商”的经营理念,以严谨的态度,科学的管理,采用世界最先进的生产工艺,为广大消费者提供优质啤酒、饮料等产品,让消费者尽情享受由此带来的美好生活。
  • Yanjing Beer insists on the concept of "create the internationally famous brand" and participates into the international competition. In 2015,the aim of Yanjing Beer is to make the production and sales reach 8 million kilol, stepping into the top six and becoming the biggest one in the world.
  • 燕京啤酒将坚持“争创国际化知名品牌”的信念,积极参与国际市场竞争。2015年燕京啤酒目标产销量达到800万千升,进入世界啤酒销量前6名,成为世界级的大型啤酒企业集团。